Archaeology Students Return from Field Trip

Students of the Archeology Department back from their Field Trip

Students of the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Study are back on campus after one week in Bokkos Local Government of Plateau State for their field study.

Speaking with one of the students, Paul Lar, a 400 level student, disclosed the successes and challenges recorded by the students during the course of their practical study. He said it was a nice experience to go on the field to apply the practical knowledge of his field of study and that he was able to gain the knowledge on how to excavate artifacts.

He went further to state the challenges they faced and said they found it difficult to make their contemporary tools to correspond with the traditional tools already in existence in this rural location. He believes that with more research, they will be able to come up with suitable tools to facilitate a better understanding of the whole excavation processes.

He also revealed that he was able to learn about the historical background and heritage of the Ron people who are natives of Bokkos Local Government. He stated that, that the Ron people are majorly agrarians and basically rely on their farm produce as their source of livelihood.

Speaking with Lovelyn, a 300 level student, she made it known that she learned about the washing and dating methods which aid an archaeologist to estimate the age of an artifact, biological vestige, linguistic usage.

She also went further to reveal that she learned about several tribes in this location and the distinct differences between these tribes. She also stated that they gained some level of fitness after several rock climbing and ground digging and also looks forward to becoming a professional archaeologist someday.


Report and photo by Itodo Timothy