A friendly football match between the department of mass communication and industrial chemistry played at the UniJos Primary School football field recently ended 4-3 in favor of the department of industrial chemistry.

 Though both teams lost goal scoring opportunities, the industrial chemistry team were able to find an equalizer just five minutes after the mass communication team took the lead.

Later in the game, a controversial offside goal was granted to the department of mass communication which was then followed by another goal from Samuel Elemukam (300 level).

  Mass Communication t were comfortably leading three goals to one but after some series of substitution, the game took a different look allowing industrial chemistry to strike fearlessly which led to a beautiful goal by Mangai Maren.

  The mass communication team was punished for their defensive flaws when an equalizer came at the 80th minute. The final goal from another player gave the department of industrial chemistry a 4-3 lead against the department of mass communication.

   In an interview with one of the players, Maju Dangha Mapis (200 level Mass Communication), he explained that the reason for their loss was “due to lack of organization”.

He explained that those that were supposed to play midfield were the ones playing defense which was one of the sole reason they lost the match. He also went further to explain that though they started on a good tempo leading 3-1 in the first half, but coming back to the second half, they were ‘loose and relaxed’ which caused the department of industrial chemistry to equalize and win with ease.

He concluded that as a sportsman, he is not impressed about their defeat and also appealed to his fellow teammates to work hard and always put in their best so that in subsequent football matches, they can emerge victorious.

Team Mass Comm training before the Match

Report and photo by Joshua Godwin Fomlakan