Hostel residents finally had something to smile about when the taps in two hostels were repaired in order to increase alternative sources of water in the hostels.

The Department of Physical Facilities took action to repair the taps immediately after the strike action by ASUU was suspended, that included seven in the Abuja hostel and the water tank in the New General Hostel. Although it took some time to finish the work, the taps are now functional and running.

  Speaking to UJ Online, some students expressed their appreciation to the school management for the work done. Japheth of the faculty of education and a resident of the Abuja Hostel praised the action saying that the “taps have reduced the number of students on queue to fetch water”. According to him, “formerly the taps were too few for the students’ population which is large in number, but with the availability of enough taps, students are able to carry out their chores with ease.

  Another student, Kenneth Kastina of the department of integrated science residing in the new general hostel, expressed his joy and according to him, when their tap ran out, he had to trek from his hostel to the Abuja or Naraguta hostel to get water, but now that the taps have been repaired, he doesn’t need to trek to other hostels to get water.

  As of last semester, the taps were very few and most students even found it difficult to attend 8:00 A.M classes because of the queue at the taps and residents of Abuja hostel who were more in number, found it very difficult as some even had to go to other hostels.

The Refurbished Tank at the New General Hostel
A Refurbished Tap at the New General Hostel
The Refurbished Taps at the Abuja Hostel

Report and Photo by John David