AMCOMS Hike, a Good Adventure – President

The President of Association of Mass Communication Students (AMCOMS), Lucky Mapak, has described the hike recently embarked upon by the Association as ‘an adventurous experience and a good unifier’.

Mr. Mapak said that hiking is a good exercise and it has many benefits. He revealed that it was the first of its kind in the department.

Speaking on how the initiative came he said, “I was thinking of ways to unify students of the department in a fresh way and the thought of hiking felt unique. Apart from using it as a tool to unite the students, it also has other benefits like exercise, sightseeing in a natural environment, reducing the rate of heart diseases and controlling obesity.  We are glad that our expectations were not cut short.”

It took participants close to an hour climbing to the top of the hill which a great part of the city of Jos could be seen. The organizers engaged participants in different activities including; Tug of war, poetry, rap battle, talks, exercises and lots more.

Over three hours rolled by before the hikers descended down the hill and over 300 students both from Mass Communication and other departments participated in the hike.

Some of the participants who couldn’t hide their excitement shared their experiences on the spot with us;

“It’s been so nice, I’ve been having fun, fun, fun all through said Luret Dakum, the AMCOMS treasurer.
For James Amadi, he said “I wish this day never ends” while Abyel Awak said, “those who are not here are missing”.

“I am not happy that we didn’t go specifically to Shere Hills but I love this though. I hope that subsequent AMCOMS leaders will key in and continue this, as it was worth the effort and I’m glad to be part of this epoch-making event” said Joyce Nwagwu.