The Burgled Door


“He used a metal object to break into our room, with a mask on his face and carted away monies and mobile phones” – Miss Theresa Lasisis.

The incident occurred on Tuesday the 12th of December at about 3:00 am in Abuja Female Hostel, Block “E” Room 9, while most of the students were asleep.  

The thief, who met no resistance from students, carted away monies and three mobile phones. No student sustained an injury in the attack.

Narrating their ordeal, Miss Theresa Lasisi, an occupant of the room said, she is awake and lying on her bed, when the thief used a metal object to break into the room, with a mask on his face, but she could neither speak out nor scream for help.

“He went straight to the socket and carried the three mobile phones that were charging along with the chargers and some monies in their purses, amounting to the sum of N1550. It was immediately he left that I was able to speak out and wake up my roommates”.

While at the scene of the crime, a Man ‘O’ War personnel who was going around the Hostel to ensure the safety of students at that period when interviewed said that he saw two guys heading off the hostel hurriedly and looking suspicious, but since nobody raised an alarm, he could not stop them.

Report and photo by Janet Okwori