“All cyber-crimes attract a sentence of 2-14 years imprisonment” – Barr. Wuyep


The Students’ Union Government of the University of Jos held an ICT awareness day and one of the guest speakers, Barrister C.B.N Wuyep, gave a lecture on the legal implications of cybercrime and Internet fraud at the University of Jos¬†Auditorium, Bauchi Road campus on Friday 15th December.

She began the lecture by defining cybercrime as a specialized crime committed in the cyberspace and revealed the penalties for offenders or participants of cybercrime and Internet fraud.

The first offense highlighted by the barrister, who is a lecturer in the Faculty of Law, was based on the registration of campus cyber/Internet cafe’s. She stressed that all campus cyber/Internet cafes must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. “Failure to do so could attract a sentence of three years imprisonment or a fine of N341 million” she added.

Amongst other offenses, Barr. Wuyep spoke also on identity theft and impersonation. She said, “identity theft is where you pose as another person on the cyberspace”. She added that the penalty for identity theft is seven years imprisonment, N5 million or both.

Towards the end of her lecture, Barr. Wuyep listed a few repercussions of being convicted of any of the aforementioned crimes.

“All crimes attract a sentence of 2-14 years imprisonment, so imagine a student serving the time; it would obviously change his life”.

“Another consequence is the fine. All fines mentioned are in millions of Naira, so if a rodent was not able to pay such an amount, it would probably rot in jail”.

“There is also the stigma that comes with being an ex-convict” she added.

Finally, Wuyep rounded up the lecture by warning students to be aware of the various forms of cybercrime and to avoid committing any offense punishable by law. She added that henceforth, anyone found guilty of a cybercrime(s) would have done so not out of ignorance but fully aware of the consequences.

Barr. C.B.N Wuyep, Lectured on Cyber-Crimes

Report by Nenzar Beka Ezikiel