The Entrance of th Faculty of Arts Deserted by Students and Academic Staff due to the ASUU Strike

Report by Happines Gamki (3/5)
Edited by JM

The Academic Staff Union of Nigeria Universities (ASUU) UniJos Chapter officially joined the nationwide strike on Wednesday 6th November, 2018.

The announcement of the chapter joining the strike was passed on to journalists after a brief meeting at the ASUU secretariat, Naraguta Campus at about 10:00 am on Wednesday 6th November.

Within 24 hours, the school environs was like a ghost town as only a few people were seen in the Naraguta Campus.

Speaking to UJONLINE, Mrs. Tani Dongvil of the department of theater and film arts, said, “we’re in the office [today] because we’re non-academic  staff, and the strike does not affect our Union which is why we are in office. Furthermore, when asked how she feels with the absence of the academic  staff/students she said, “I pray that the government will do something very soon so that the school resumes its usual activities because as you can see everywhere is deserted and the premises is not lively, the  environment looks like a desert area”.

        Miss Patricia, a 200 level student from the department of theatre art and film arts expressed her sadness. She said: “The strike has set us back particularly students of [the ] theatre arts dept; instead of being in school, we are now at home idle while our time for studies are wasted on irrelevant matters. Our courses are more of practicals which need more dedication and hard work for one to scale through”.

The businessmen/women who carry out their daily businesses in the campus  are not finding it lightly as the strike is having a negative effect on their business. Mr. Emeka Linus a computer business center owner said that, “it is the students that make our business to flourish, but now that the school is on strike, everything is on hold. As am telling you, I have not done or gotten work of 20 Naira since morning. Look at the environment, everywhere is empty. Our prayer is that the issue between ASUU and the federal government should be resolved soon so that the school will resume and we will move on with our normal activities.

One of the campus cab drivers angrily replied UJONLINE when he said: “my dear, what is good about the strike? I left my home this morning hoping that before I get back in the evening, I will have earned enough to  provide for my family’s feeding tonight, but never did I know that the strike is this serious. Students are in their hostels; no going in and out and so we have been here since morning without movement.

However, students interviewed hope and pray that ASUU’s demands shall be met by the federal government  for them to call off the strike soon, as they can’t wait to resume school.

Empty Classroom in the FoA
Deserted Faculty of Arts 24hours after ASUU UniJos Joined the Strike
Students Sighted Leaving their Residences

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