The Electoral Committee of the association of mass communication students (AMCOMS) the university of Jos on the 28 of February held it first electoral debate for all the contestants vying for the different positions in the upcoming election of the association which scheduled to take place on Monday, 4th March 2019.

The event was held at the faculty of arts lecture hall 13 of the Naraguta Campus. The electoral committee chairperson, Comrade Tyulen Enoch appreciated the effort of students that turned out to witness the event despite the security challenges around the Jos metropolis.

Enoch maintained that this platform was created to provide a level playing ground for all the contestants to express their aspirations and manifestoes to the association and also to equip students with the knowledge of what is being practiced outside the campus politically. He promised all the contestants free, fair and a transparent election.

Speaking in an interview, the incumbent president Comrade Jerry Pam applauded the effort of the electoral committee for organizing such an event. He also urged all candidates to work together if elected for continuous progress of the association.

The high point of the event was the presentation of manifestos and expression of aspirations which was done with passion and enthusiasm by different candidates, from the position of the President, down to the provost Marshall. Followed by questions from AMCOMSite to the candidates.

Candidates present during the event include…

President: Mr. Itodo Timothy and Kwapyil Emmanuel Zemyen

Secretary: Abidemi Yusuf

Financial Secretary: Mr. Collins Dapak Antagamna’an

Treasurer: Lilian Ayong

Director of Sports: Mr. Maju Dangha

Director of Socials: Idoko Francis and Nenrot Cletus

Welfare Secretary: Susan Kwede

P. R. O: Jwan Panshak

Provost Marshall: Fabian Samuel

The event was also attended by the the faculty of arts students association president, Comrade Damulak Naanchin, former students union government P. R. O comrade Nanpak Cirfat, the SOSSA president Zang Apollos and other AMCOMS stakeholders.

Report and photos by Goewam Reuben 
Edited by J.M (Score 4/5)

Emmanuel Kwapyil and Timoty Itodo during the presidential debate
Nanpak Cirfat asking an aspirant a question
A cross section of AMCOMSITES during the debate

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