The recently concluded AMCOMS election seem to have ended with mixed feelings as students were happy about the election outcome, yet complained of inconveniences during the voting process.

This is coming as a result of the delay in the starting of the voting process and the slow movement of the queue.

The voting process which was slated to start at 9:00 a.m did not start on the scheduled time until some minutes after 10 a.m due to the delay.

According to Manasseh Tashi, the Publicity Secretary of the Electoral Committee (ELCOM), the delay came as a result of inability to get the ballot boxes early from the security men of the Faculty. He said the Electoral Committee had already made provision for ballot boxes but the security men would not allow them to use them unless they used the one in the custody of the security men. This led to arguments that caused the delay in starting the voting on time.

Expressing his view on the slow movement of the queue, one of the students who came out to vote, Dedang Godiya, said he has been on the queue for long but the students in the front will allow their friends to enter the queue in front of them which caused the slow movement. He advised that next time, the Electoral Committee should dedicate security personnel to help control the movement of the queue and maintain orderliness.

Investigations by UJONLINE revealed that though the students were sad with the stressful process of voting, some expressed their joy as the election was free and fair, and they applauded the Electoral Committee on ensuring it was a credible election that saw Timoty Itodo elected as the new AMCOMS President alongside others. 

Report and photo by Joseph Dadi
Edited by JM (5/5)

Agents of candidates observing the election process
Students on the queue during the elctions
An AMCOMSITE casting his vote

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