The indoor theatre building project beside the faculty of arts building has resumed construction after 4 years of being abandoned by the Akwe Doma Foundation.
The building project has been on hold for a while but after the strike, students returned to school and noticed the massive change that was taking place on the building, this doesn’t only make the students happy but it also gives very good compliments to the Vice Chancellor Sabastain Maimako.
Speaking to ujonline, Collins  a 200 level theatre and film arts student expressed his happiness by saying  that “seeing the long-awaited indoor theatre studio in progress, gives him the urge to buy a present for the vice Chancellor”.
The progress of this building indeed has brought joy and most importantly relief to the students and not only its progress but also the sight of how beautiful it is.
Another 200 level student of Theater and film arts, Gloria, stated that ” I thought this building will never be attended to and now that it is, I know that the Vice Chancellor is a good leader”.
Alex Jonathan, the Director of Socials for the faculty of art, expressed joy because he always wondered where else he could host a function prior to the faculty hall. He also stated that he had a lot of programs planned out but due to the fact that the faculty hall wasn’t a suitable place for such programs he put it on pause.
Also most students in the Naraguta campus always had to go to the Open Air Theatre at the Bauchi Road Campus for rehearsal and hoped this indoor theatre would be finished, but as it is now the indoor theatre looks more interesting to host theatric events.
The massive growth of infrastructural development in the Naraguta campus is a sign that the school management is doing its best to create an atmosphere that will foster learning.
Report by Jackson Jemimah 
Edited by JM (4/5)

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