The elections for the department of mass communication officials took place on the 4th of March, 2019 and the tension was high especially for the post that had 2 aspirants that were really in the race as others were unopposed.

During the course of the elections, the aspirant who were contending for a post kept on campaigning, the posts with the highest competition was that of the DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL and the post of the PRESIDENT.

The winner for the post of the Director of Social, IDOKO FRANCIS, stated that he wasn’t expecting to win because it seemed like his opponent, CLETUS NENROT, had a lot of people supporting her due to the fact that she came out as an opponent later than he did and most people around him spoke about how they wanted her to win, so winning the election was a shock and also a tool of joy to him.
Also, the winner for the post of the President stated that he had always wanted to be the president of the  mass communication department since he was admitted, so winning was all that he hoped for and all thanks to God and the support he got he won the election.
Report and photos by Jemimah Jackson
Edited by JM (3/5)

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