The Association of Mass Communication Students University of Jos on Monday 4th of March elected leaders that will pioneer the affairs of the association for the 2018/2019 session. The exercise which held at the faculty of arts entrance started some hours late behind the scheduled time due to some issues with the faculty security personnel’s

Notwithstanding, the exercise witness a good number of AMCOMSites that turned out to exercise one of their academic rights.

Speaking with the president-elect, Mr. Itodo Timothy, after being formally declared winner by the ELCOM chairperson Comrade Tyulen Enoch, he described the election as free fair and open to the general public. He also thanked all AMCOMSites for voting him. Furthermore, he promised to work closely with his opponent, Mr. Emmanuel Kwapyil, in building on the legacy of sincerity and fairness set by his predecessor Comrade Jerry Pam, for a greater and better AMCOMS.

In an interview with Mr. Emmanuel Kwapyil, he congratulated Mr. Itodo and promised to contribute his quota to the Association whenever called upon because he is so passionate about AMCOMS whether in school or beyond.

He also appreciated the efforts of the ELCOM for transparency and balance in conducting the election and also advised the new elected ExCo to be focused, diligent and to carry everybody along.

The external observer, Comrade Apollos Zang described the exercise as one of the most free, fair, balance and transparent election he has witnessed. Therefore he urged all the elected officials to work in unison for the betterment of the association.

Here is the summary of the election results as announced by the ELCOM

Total numbers of AMCOMSites that voted= 306


Itodo Timothy =267 votes

Emmanuel Kwapyil =36 votes

Vice president:

Gwaya’ai Yohana Bawa (unopposed)

Secretary General:

Yusuf .Z. Abidemi (unopposed)

Assistant secretary general:

Ojelade Felix (unopposed)


Lilian Ayong : (unopposed)

Financial secretary :

Collins Dapak Antagamna’an

Director of social :

Idoko Francis =221 votes.

Nenrot Cletus = 84 votes

Director of sports :

Maju Dangha (unopposed)

P. R. O:

Jwan Panshak (unopposed)

Welfare secretary:

Kwede Susan(unopposed)

Provost Marshall:

Fabian Samuel (unopposed)

Library Secretary :

Akande Titilayo (unopposed)

Report and photos by Geowam Reuben
Edited by JM (score 3/5)

Kwapyil congratulating Itodo
The ELCOM Chairperson annoncing the Results
Agents of Contestants Observing the Counting
Agents of the Various Candidates
AMCOMSites Queuing to cast their Votes

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