The Department of Mass Communication University of Jos chapter conducted a credible, free and fair elections on the 4th of March, 2019 under the supervision of the ELCOM Chairperson in person of Enoch Tyulen.

In an interview with two of the contestants contesting for the post of the President; one of the them in person of Emmanuel Kwapil stated that he noticed or observed that the turnout was very impressive compared to last year’s elections and he added that most of the students came out to vote which was very commendable and which shows their support to the department greatly and said his desire is not to just be the AMCOMS President but to create a great impact in the lives of the students in the department and to also leave a lasting legacy for the department

The second contestant named Itodo Timothy voiced out his thoughts concerning the election saying also that he was impressed as to the turnout of the students to participate in the election. He noted that the election was very organized and in order with proper security in place and the materials adequately provided. He also said that anyone that emerged as the winner is the people’s choice and will accept whatever the outcome of the election may be in good faith.

The election ended at about 3:30 pm with the following emerging as winners; Itodo Timothy as the President with the total number of 267 votes while his opponent got 36 votes, Gwaya’ai Bawa as Vice President, Idoto Francis as Director of Socials with the total number of 221 while his opponent got 84 votes, Yusuf Z. Abidemi as Secretary General, Ojelade Felix as Assistant Secretary General, Lilian Ayong Sati as Treasurer, Jwan Pansak as PRO, Dapak Collins as Financial Secretary, Susan Kwede as welfare Secretary, and Akande Titilayo as the Library Secretary.

The total number of voters amounted to 306, with 4 as invalid votes. The ELCOM chairperson expressed his joy for the success of the election and urged those elected to put in their best and try to fulfil the mandate to which they were elected into office.

Speaking to the Director of Social -elect Idoko Francis he expressed his gratitude to God and the students for giving him the opportunity to serve the department in this position and commended the ELCOM officials for a smooth election process. He said this is an opportunity for one to grow and learn to relate with people and for the future as well.

Report by Kwanga Esther Paul
Edited by JM (4/5)

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