Friday the 8th of March, 2019 has been declared a public holiday in view of the gubernatorial and state house assembly elections coming up and also declared a lecture free day by both the Plateau State Government and the Registrar of the University respectively.
Consequently, a good number of students of the University of Jos, traveled back home for the elections which is set to hold on the 9th of March, 2019.
 Most students residing on campus traveled back home in order to exercise their franchise. Some students traveled back to as far as their local governments and their states, while some residing within the Jos metropolis returned to their areas of residence.
Some associations like the National Association of Pan Students (NAPANS) made arrangement for a bus to convey students of the association to Qua’anpan local government of Plateau state, in order to enable them cast their votes.
            In an interview with Niri Pam, a 200 level student of Nursing department, she said “I’m going home because my dad asked me to come back home for the election and not because I want to vote and because I believe my last vote for the presidential election did not count”. Also speaking to Naomi Dusu, a 300 level student of the department of Religion and Philosophy, she said ” I have to travel to Zawan so I can cast my vote because that is where my polling unit is. I cannot go there from school because the distance is far and there is no movement on that day”. Retyit Idi, a 100 level student of Theatre and Film arts, said ” My parents asked me to come back home because of the election tension. They said if any violence occurs, students will not be safe”.
              However, some students went back home not only to vote, but to also avoid being caught up in any violence that might occur while they are in school during the cause of the election. While some students still remained on campus, showing no interest of traveling home to cast their votes.
Report by Erica Dayah
Edited by JM (Score 3/5)

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