The University of Jos resumed lectures to continue the second semester after the strike which lasted for a couple of months, but the turn out of students is still disappointing after one month.
          After the suspended strike, UniJos resumed lectures effectively but the turn out of students is low even after students showed how eager they were to resume school when the strike was ongoing, but it was an irony as the turn out of lecturers is more than the students. Even with the low turnout, lectures are still ongoing and assignments and tests are still carried out.
           Speaking with a 300 level of mass communication, Sarafina Dung, she said “My mum will not allow me resume because of the election tension and she is more worried about the unsecured location of the school”. Also, a 100 level student of Computer Science, Wokji Micah, said “My voting polling unit is in Abuja and I can’t resume and travel back to vote, so I have to stay back in order to vote and resume school afterwards”.
           However, the students’ low turnout could be a pointer to the fact that a lot of them travelled back home to far destinations during the strike which lasted through the festive period till couple of days to the general elections. Because of the postponement of the election, many students had to reschedule their resumption in order to exercise their franchise.
Report by Erica Dayah
Edited by JM (2/5)

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