The department of Mass communication, the University of Jos, recently held an electoral debate in anticipation of it’s up coming departmental election. The debate which held on the 28th of February, 2019, was the first of it’s kind in the Department.
            It kicked off at exactly 2:30 p.m and was moderated by Colian Tyoden and Bethel Olujobi. It started with an opening prayer by Comrade Nanpak Cirfat, a 400 level student and the opening remark was made by the ELCOM chairperson, Enoch Tyolen.
He introduced the dignitaries present which included John Naanchin Damulak-FASA president, Victor Timkat-SUG sales secretary, and Pam Jerry-AMCOMS president. He enlightened the candidates and those present on what to expect on Election Day: “Each candidate is supposed to have an agent and voters are to bring either their school fees receipt or their departmental ID card in order to vote”. He gave reasons why the elections needed to be held on Monday which was that  the up coming gubernatorial election and also the second semester’s examination was fast approaching. He also urged candidates to motivate AMCOMSITES to turn out and vote.
            There are eleven positions and thirteen candidates with two competitive positions which are the presidential position and the Director of Socials position, both having two aspirants each. The aspirants for the presidential position, Itodo Timothy and Kwapyil Emmanuel, presented their manifestos.
Kwapyil Emmanuel presented as follows: AMCOMS exhibition/trade fair, film festival and productivity, Innovation hub, connectivity (within and without) and practical training seminars. Itodo Timothy on the other hand presented his agenda as follows: making good use of the available digital gadgets/resources for the department, making students’ handbook/manual, making available public address system, creating departmental WiFi and making provision for desktop computers for the department. The election will be holding on the 4th of March,2019.
            A closing remark was made by the ELCOM chairman. He urged AMCOMSITES to come out in their numbers on election Day and vote credible leaders. The closing prayer was said by the president of the department, Jerry Pam.
Report by Erica Dayah
Edited by JM (3/5)

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