Recently, in the Faculty of Arts, it has come to the notice of students the dirty toilets in the Faculty both the GENTS and LADIES toilets.

Investigations by UJONLINE reveal that these toilets have been in a great mess and in an unsuitable state which have led to unhealthy and bad odour in the passage. Furthermore, the two toilets (male and female) have the problem of insufficient water supply. This situation has gotten critical to the extent that the females now share toilets with the males because theirs is blocked by faeces.  These toilets are located close to lecture rooms which has been an issue and nuisance to lecturers and students due to stinks from the toilets.

Speaking with some of the students in the Faculty, one of the students, Nankur Pontip of the History and International Studies Department, narrated that; “before the girls began to use the male toilet, the cleaners supplied water to the drums in the toilets but due to scarcity of water in the University of Jos, there has been limited water supplied and which has led to blockage due to insufficient water to get rid of faeces”.

He also stated that before the girls started using the boy’s toilet, the cleaners provide water once in a day. “That is in the morning. This water supplied may not be enough for the whole day as other departments attend lectures during the evening hours and they would definitely use the toilets. But if there is constant supply of water at least twice a day, the toilet will always be clean. However, since students resumed from the strike embarked by ASUU, the cleaners haven’t come to clean the toilet and by this act may lead to poor hygiene, health challenges and also attract pest and insects around the environment”.

Another student, Faith Emmanuel of the English Department, said that; “It’s because of the long strike embarked by ASUU which made the toilets stink because the cleaners have not been around to wash the toilets and provide water. Also, there is scarcity of water in the University and if the cleaners find it difficult supplying water, then the toilets will be unclean because the students have to use the toilets. Also the cleaners have really been trying in the issue of supplying water to the toilets and they will do a great job if there is a water supply place in the University like a bore-hole, at least in virtually every faculty so as it will also lessen the work of transporting water to the toilets thereby using tap pipes and tubes to supply water to the water drums”.

Furthermore, all efforts towards informing the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Sati Umar Fwanshak, were in vain and unsuccessful. Hence, the students are calling on the FASA President John Damulak to look into the present situation of the toilets and water supply in the Faculty.

Report and photos by Thomas Doh
Edited by JM (4/5)

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