The 2019 governorship election held in the uni-jos Naraguta hostel on the 9th march 2019 saw little or no electorates coming out to exercise their franchise as residents around the area who are students mostly chose to remain indoors with reasons only them can explain.
At about 9 AM when the election commenced, one could count with both hands the number of electorates present.
Mr Azi, a resident of Naraguta village whose polling unit was in the hostel said even though the voting process went without a single hitch, he was disappointed in the turn out as even his family members wouldn’t come out to vote. “This is a clear indication of how fast patriotism is leaving the shores of our beloved country” he added.
Few students in the hostel could be seen around the premises, playing football while others in the company of friends conversing.
Speaking to one of them, a 200 Level student of pharmaceutical science, Joel Onyi, disclosed that for him, he would rather sit at home than go out to his polling unit, spend lengthy hours under the sun, vote for a candidate of his choice only to realize that his vote didn’t count, as was the case in the presidential elections dated 23rd February 2019.
Annie Paul, a 300 level student of English who came out to vote despite the odds inferred that many were not satisfied with the presidential election process but that’s no reason why she would give up and not come out to vote for a better government. She employed the government and it’s arms to be more transparent in their process while employing Nigerian citizens not to deter in their civic responsibly of voting.
Edited by JM (4/5)

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