The Faculty of Arts, the University of Jos, takes the on a new look; one that is unpleasant to the eyes, as its environment looks very dirty.

Classrooms in the faculty as well as its environ looks littered with papers and other dirty materials because the waste-bin outside the faculty is full and there’s no one to empty them. Our sources gathered that all the old cleaning staff of the University of have been relieved of their duties because the contract they had with the University has expired last year December 2018.

Speaking with Miss Habibat a student of foreign languages, she bitterly complained on the dirty looking toilet t facilities, which is a major carrier of infection especially for the ladies. She added that students shouldn’t leave their homes healthy only to contact toilet infections from school rather than contacting knowledge.

Another student named Sartim Paul Ndam a student from the department of theatre arts spoke and said that the environment of an organization speaks a lot about the organization and must be kept clean and conducive especially in a learning environment. Despite the various new infrastructure development on the Naraguta campus, he urged the school management to ensure that new cleaners are put in place as soon as possible in order for the faculty to be clean again and to also make sure the new cleaners will carry out their duties effectively.

Report and photo by Esther Kwanga
Edited by JM (Score 5/5) 

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