Students residing in the hostels resumed from the three months old strike by ASUU to see the installed solar street light around the students hostel.
Investigations by UJONLINE on this development disclosed that many students who expressed how they felt are very happy with the solar lights being installed around the hostel.
              Miss Jemimah Zemna’an who is a hostel resident said she is very excited about the solar light installation and also considers it as a “security light” to the students residing at the hostel. She added that the light is very important to students especially during the examination period as exams is by the corner and most students go to the cafeteria to study. “They find it more convenient  to study at the cafeteria at night due to the unpleasant noise at the hostel”.
              Jemimah mentioned that before the solar lights was fixed, students were often scared of going to the cafeteria out of fear of what might happen to them when coming back in the middle of the night.
            Jemimah narrated an incident that took place some time back before the light was fixed. According to her “I remember when a 200-level student was attacked on his way back from the cafeteria at night by some unknown hoodlums who blocked him and insisted he gave them his phone, just when he tried to run away, they stab him and took his phone leaving him to his fate.”
             Patience Ezekiel said she was in the hostel when the contractor/structural engineer e.t.c started the project and according to patience, they really tried as the work was very fast, and immediately after the light was fixed, the entire environment changed as it became very bright and attractive.
              Patience added that  before the solar lights was fixed “I usually have this fear of going out of my room to the bathroom and I am not the only one who use to be scared of going out of their rooms.” Her friends use to feel the same way, especially those compounds that are close to the bridge that leads to the Naraguta Campus.
              The solar light project in the hostel started during the ASUU strike and was concluded before the strike was called off.
Story and photo by AGWO IMMACULATE
Edited by JM (Score 4/5)

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