The Faculty of Arts seemed to be in a state  of panic as students from most of the departments look worried with the information that there is a state of unrest at Angwan Rukuba, Tina Junction and Dutse Uku respectively.

A report came stating that Tina Junction and Dutse Uku along Angwan Rukubu Jos North, Plateau state is in a state of civic unrest and due to this information, a lot of students residing in such areas could not make it to school because their parents and loved ones would not allow them. Therefore, it has led to the cancellation of some lectures by most of the lecturers. Our sources could see a lot of students on their phones trying to make sure all is well and their loved ones are calling to make sure they are safe.

Speaking with Rapheal N. Rume, a student of mass communication and a resident of Tina Junction, she stated on the phone that one of the Christian youth which happens to be her neighbor and named Azi was found dead this morning and the Christians blamed the Muslims for his death and that was actually what led to the unrest.

Another student named Nerat Dido of the department of religious studies also stated that her lecture was cancelled because most of her course mates could not make it to school. She added that life should come first before education and the safety of the students is very paramount. They ought to be in a good state before they can learn .

This however, has led to the scantiness of students both in classes and around the school compound.

Report by Esther Kwang’a
Edited by JM (4/5)

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