The administration of Professor Sebastian Maimako has mounted streetlights throughout the university premises.
This new development was noticed and appreciated by students who see it as a process of moving towards the infrastructural development in the school .
Speaking with Isaac obosi, a 200 level student of the department of marketing, he said  “This is a good step for the Professor Sebastian Maimako administration. This project which was part of the 2013 NEEDS Assessment has finally become a reality. This project is a brilliant one because it will help in curbing the issue of insecurity in the school premises, especially the hostel environment”.
Most students reacted to the development with positivity and are appreciating the administration for its effort. The streetlights which are beautifully arranged all around the Naraguta hostel campus and the Bauchi road main campus has added to the serenity of the physical outlook of the school .
Also Pwasollam Yiri,  a 200 level student of the department of mass communication, expressed happiness to the new development when he said “the development is very vital to the security of students. Often times, many students are scared of moving at night for academic activities for the fear of been stolen from, attacked or molested without the consent of students around. The mounting of these streetlights will to a large extent reduce violent and dangerous activities that happen in the night.”
By this act, the school management has created a more conducive environment for the academic pursuit and excellence of the students UJOLINE investigations revealed.

Report and photos by Omale Ebenezer
Edited by JM (5/5)

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