The students living in the Village Hostel of the University of Jos have expressed deep concern about the scarcity of water in the hostel.

Speaking with one of the students, Reuben Gyang of the Engineering Department, he said that; “Before the strike embarked by ASUU, the queue at the bore-hole wasn’t much as now. Also, at midnight where students feel there won’t be anyone at the bore-hole, students come around by 12 a.m and still find much students on the queue to fetch water”.

Reuben also stated that there is only one source of water supply to the students in Village Hostel, that is a bore-hole and it isn’t enough to supply water to all the students in the hostel.

Furthermore, speaking with another student, Suarson Richard of the Building Department, he stated that; “The issue of water in the hostel is critical and has affected students in the hostel as neighbouring students residing in Rusau, come to fetch water in the hostel and by this contributes to more queue at the bore-hole”.

The students are concerned about how they would be able to stay without water in the hostel. The students need water early in the morning so as they can have a bath and go for their morning lectures which begins at 8 a.m. The students have complained bitterly because the issue of water in the hostel makes them leave the hostel without bathing and by choosing to hustle for water outside the hostel premises, they end up being late to school.

Hence, at the other side of the coin, students need water to be able to cook and prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday. The situation of scarcity of water has gotten worse as we are in the dry seasons and students cue up for a very long time before getting water.

The students are calling on the hostel government to inform the school authority in order to see into the issue of scarcity of water in the hostel.


Report and photo by Thomas Doh

Edited by J.M (4/5) 

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