Students Decry Lack of Security Off Campus

Students who live off campus are been ignored by the school management as they are opened to harmful threats because of no adequate security despite numerous calls.

This is so because the university hostels are not enough to accommodate all students and students are been robbed of their belongings.

This was a complaint by a final year student from the department of business management, who lives at a compound called Koko base, opposite the legislative quarters was robbed on the 19th of march in the afternoon. According to him, he went to the bathroom to take his bath, and coming out his laptop was gone.

According to Noel Okwike, a 300 level student from the department of science laboratory technology, he said that the hostels are not enough for most of the students and that is why students are left with no choice but to stay off campus.

He further said that the school management should create more hostel like the Zion and Naraguta hostels to reduce the rate of students getting affected by the insecurities off campus because the rest of the hostels are not properly kept.

Also speaking to Labari Stella, a 400 level student from the department of insurance, who said that the hostels are not properly maintained for the convenient use by students said she has been staying off campus since her 100 level days because hostels like Zion and Naraguta which are preferable to stay are few and people rush to get the forms and it will not be available anymore.

Koko Base

Report and photos by Lily Paul
Edited by JM (4/5)

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