The administration of Professor S.S Maimako has made efforts towards the rapid development in the completion of the burnt library.

Students have commended the university management and the TETFUND initiative for the development. Speaking with Andrew Ngozi, a 200 level mass communication student, he said  ‘the development of the project is a very good one and it is going rapidly as well. The completion of this project will help curb the issue of lecture hall scarcity and make the learning process more conducive and less stressful. I really do appreciate the administration for its hard work’.
Also Speaking with Sam_Jackson Jemimah Simdiga a 200 level mass communication  student, she said ‘the development of the library project is going at a very fast rate and is even becoming more beautiful than it was before it was burnt. It is indeed something of pride for the school and its students’.
Solomon Yakubu, a student of mass communication 200 level , opined that ‘the development was quite speedy although they were hitches regarding budgeted funds and market value of some equipments for the project. He disclosed that upon completion of an academic assignments he spoke to a supervising officer for the project were he gathered the information.’

The three storey building which housed the university of jos library, the faculty of social sciences and management sciences was burnt on a late Saturday night on the 8th of October 2016 after students finished their ongoing exams on the  third floor of the building. The library complex located in the Naraguta campus of the university was commissioned in 1997.

The federal government through the tertiary education trustfund (TETFUND) awarded a contract of 720 million Naira to renovate the burnt library complex of university of jos. This was done on Friday 23rd of June 2017 and so far, the renovation has moved rapidly. New development is seen on a daily basis to bring the project into completion.

   With the current speed of the development process, the completion of the project may become a reality soon.

Report and photos by Ebenezer Omale
edited by JM (4/5)

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