Some students of the University of Jos have expressed dissatisfaction following the commencement of examinations saying that exams pressure is harder than it should be due to pending assessments.

The examination commenced four weeks after the suspension of the strike by the academic staff union of universities that lasted for three months.

Following the interrupted semester, lecturers and students have tried to meet up with assignments and assessments for the semester. This could be seen as a reason for the pressure complained about by the students.

Speaking to UJonline a 200 level Law student, Emmanuel Musa, stated that ” I am not happy with the fact that I have to write my whole exams in one week and at the same time still write assignments. Its one thing to study for exams and another to write assignments. I have not slept well for about two weeks because of studying for my examinations and uncompleted assessments. I believe that the essence of me being in school is to learn not to write exams because if the aim of learning is defeated then exams is of no value.”

Also a 100 level Political science student, Manji Emmanuel, expressed his thoughts on this issue. He said that to him writing examinations and doing assessments is challenging, seeing the fact that you are preparing for different courses but also giving one assignment that will differ your attention away from other courses. Because of this pressure students just copy anything they feel like without actually learning what the assignment is all about. Assignments are now giving in place of general assessments. This assignments are helpful but during exams it takes much time and concentration from focusing on other topics for other courses.

Generally students seem to be affected extremely by the pressure and this may affect their performance in the examination negatively.

Some students in a business center typing assignments during the second semester examinations

Report and photo Pwasollam Yiri
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