Professor Ema Ema served as the first head of the department of Fine and Applied Arts and due to his extensive hard work, he is regarded as one of the first and best HoD that is still serving the department till date.

  In other to keep a memory of him the department molded a sculpture of him in front of the department for a clearer view to both students and visitors to the department.

  Luka Jerry a 400 level student of Fine and Applied Arts, said Professor Ema who was the first HoD of the department is indeed a hardworking man. He further explained that it was because of him that the department is at its present state now, hence the sculpture was to pay respect and recognition to the HoD for his hard work. Luka Jerry molded a sculpture of an African woman prostrating, an illustration of an African culture. Some of the medium he used were clay, knife and a host of other materials.

 UJOnline investigations show that exams are also conducted in the department of Fine and Applied Arts in such a way that students are involved in practical work of molding different sculptures pending on the question one can answer.

  Phoebe Nacho, a 400 level student of Fine and Applied Arts molded a sculpture of a male mode, with the use of medium cream to produce the desired sculpture needed.

 The examination was conducted in such a way that each students concentrated on his/her own craft and work in the presence  of the examiner.

  Luka Jerry further stated that the the practical exams entails thinking, dedication and focus to achieve the desired aim or goal.

Report and photo by Blessing Iweha
Edited by JM (4/5)

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