Engineering Faculty: A Fast-Rising Building In Unijos

The faculty of engineering is one of the fastest building on-going  in the university of Jos. This is so because the present halls been used for receiving lectures cannot accommodate the students including the new students who just gained admission. Also it will be a plus to the faculty as to the fact that their courses are yet to be accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

In an interview with Asemanya Samson, a 300 level student of civil engineering, he said that he is glad to see that his faculty will have a permanent building at the Naraguta Campus, and that the faculty should have been completed before the 2018/2019 session to accommodate students at all levels.

Agoro Nuhu, a 300 level student of mining engineering also said that he his amazed to see that his faculty will have a permanent site at the Naraguta campus, which will ease a lot of stress of having going from the Bauchi Road campus to the Naraguta Campus to receive lectures. He further went on saying that he’s impressed at the tenure of the VC Professor Sebastian Maimaiko of making sure they learn and carry out school activities in a convenient environment.

Report and photo by Lily Paul
Edited by JM (3/5)

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