The university of  Jos has commenced its second semester examination for the 2017/2018 academic session following the suspension of the three month strike by the Academic Staff Union Of Universities.
The examination commenced on the 18th of march 2019 and investigations by UJOnline shows that students are now trying hard to see that they can read through their course outline for each course.
Speaking to UJonline,  A 300 level theatre arts student from the faculty of art stated that the examination seemed too come to fast. In his opinion, he didn’t expect the examination to be as soon as it already is. He also stated that his reason was because of the strike hindered a lot of lecturers from concluding their course outlines with the students.
Also, another 100 level mass communication student, Miss Nantap Moses, stated that she isn’t still  ready for the ongoing examination, and according to her, most students are not mentally ready or prepared for it. She said that “I have a feeling that there will be massive failure this semester.”
Mr. Samuel Mwansat, a lecturer from the Mass Communication department during the course of a lecture before exams said students complain about not being ready but it wouldn’t change anything even if the date would be postponed. According to him students are not always ready for exams.
Despite all the complaints before the examination, the date wasn’t changed. Students are left with no choice but to study and prepare for the exams. Some students reached a conclusion that the university is behind so this is to meet up with the calendar making it a good decision despite its effect.
Students of Mass Communication writing an Examination in the Faculty Hall

Report and photos by Jackson Jemimah
Edited by JM (4/5)

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