Two students of the university of jos, Benjamin and Bamshak,  were recently infected with a deadly disease called LASSA FEVER caused by an infected multimammate rat on Tuesday March 19 at the student area Russau.
               Benjamin, a 300-level urban and regional planning undergraduate student, said it started after he ate a stew cooked by him using grounded tomatoes he left open the night before the incident happened.
               Ben, as he is fondly called, explained how he felt after eating the infected food. “Immediately after eating the meal, I picked my reading tools to the cafeteria to study, but it was at the cafeteria that I started feeling some unusual pains in my stomach so I decided to return to my room and rest a little, at Russau behind the village hostel. After a while, my legs became weak and my head started aching; I thought it was a normal fever until when my roommate, Bamshak, a 200-level student of psychology, came in complaining of the same thing andhe  sat down restlessly on the floor”.
               Miss Naanret, a student of marketing and finance who is Bamshak’s elder sister added that she was surprised when she heard a strange voice from her brother’s room, and just when she stood up to go to the room, Bamshak called her name loudly. She ran to the room and saw her brother and his roommate Ben, on the floor around 11:43 p.m. She said, they both went to the chemist and were given glucose to subdue the pain.
             Benjamin said the next day, he was about to go to the bathroom when he started feeling the same pain and he decided to go and lay down a little. Just when he was about to go into their room, his roommate was struggling to come out of their room and ran to the backyard to vomit. He added that, if they had not went to Bingham University Teaching Hospital in time, where they were both given medical treatment, He wouldn’t have known what would have happened  to them.
               Bamshak added that, ” I have never believed that LASSA FEVER was real, until now and it was after the doctor said it and also gave them the result of the test conducted, that was when I believed that LASSA FEVER was actually real and close to me “.
Bamshak gave testimony to God and advise his fellow students to be very careful on how they leave their food stuffs uncovered or at the disposal of rats and other insects.
Report by Agwo Immaculate
Edited by JM (5/5)

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