The Incessant Traffic Around Bauchi Road affecting Academics-Investigation

The unending go-slow around Bauchi Road is causing delay for students, workers, lecturers and other citizens passing along that route making them late for different academic activities.
Investigations by UJOnline shows that the traffic affects students and lecturers more because of the lateness to their lecture hall especially as students are currently writing their examination.
The incessant traffic is caused by the large number of cars coming from all sides as it is a T-junction. Also, the big trailers passing through is one of the causes of the traffic.
Labari Stella, a 400 level student of the department of insurance said that she spent over an hour going from the Bauchi Road to the Naraguta campus, making her late for her test. She further said that the government should deploy traffic wardens at the T-junction to regulate the traffic.
Saleh Esther, a 100 level from the department of Art Education, said that she was 20 minutes late for her examination yesterday because of the traffic at the Bauchi Road. She further said that it caused her “not to be balance” during the exams as she was scared that her invigilators will not allow her to write her papers.
Also, a 400 level student from the department of mathematics said that the government should place a traffic warden kiosk at the T-junction to control and regulate the traffic happening at that route. “The incessant hold up does not seem to be coming to an end because the number of vehicles passing along that route is too much with no traffic warden to control it”.
Report and photo by Lily Paul
Edited by JM (4/5)

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