It has come to be a culture for any graduating student most especially from the University of Jos to be celebrated by friends through either pouring of water on the person or flogging the person.
        On Thursday 21st of March, 2019, Tabitha a graduating student of Political Science on completing her exams that day was waited for at home by her friends and compound colleagues who were with buckets of water and canes to celebrate her completion of school.
        As a result of the excess flogging and pouring of water, the lady instantly fainted and had to be taken to the hospital immediately for her revival. The heart of these friends of hers were clouded by sadness and regrets of such ritual.
        Collins Dapak, a 200 level student of Mass Communication said he regrets every bit of his actions and would never condone himself to such charade again.
        This incident took place at Farin Gada at about 3o’clock in the evening at one Mr. Ibekaku’s compound. 
Report and photos by Mayam Elizabeth Yakubu
Edited by JM (4/5)

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