Shocking: Abuja hostel witnesses yet another theft incident.

Abuja hostel has yet witnessed another case of theft which occurred on the 4th of September 2019 in room 70 block D of the hostel.
Theft is now an everyday occurrence as the number of cases recorded in the hostel is quite alarming.

The Hostel Matron Mrs. Jean Deo speaking on the issue said ” The issue is quite disheartening as it is done mostly by the students themselves. Cases as such are reported almost on a daily basis”.

In an interview with Miss Esther Kushi, one of the occupants of the room, narrated the incident saying, she was asleep when a creeping noise woke her up and just as she looked toward the door, gripped with fear, she saw someone trying to break the slab so he could jump in. Immediately, she raised an alarm. In her words,” … I started screaming great jossite, great jossite”.

Reacting to the incident, Blessing Adoga who stays in the hostel too, explained her own experience ” I have been threatened with a kitchen knife and asked to submit my phone so it is no longer surprising “. She said.

A 200 level student of the department of English disclosed that she was going to school when someone snatched her phone in the hostel and ran away with it, but thank God she was able to retrieve it with the help of students around at that moment.

“I feel Parents should caution their children whenever they exhibit any act of indiscipline and also groom them to be responsible citizens of the Country and to shun acts of indiscipline” Mrs. Jean charged.

Report and photo by Fatima Umar
Edited by JM (3/5)


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