Students Enlightened on the use of Fire Extinguisher

The Student Union Government in collaboration with the fire fighting service, UniJos chapter organised a two-days program which kicked off on the 27th of September 2019 with the aim of educating students on how to prevent fire and also how to use the fire extinguishers placed in the hostel in case of any fire outbreak.
The program started with residents of Zion hostel where the fire fighters started by talking about tips on fire prevention. The resource person stated that before fire occurs, three things must come together which are; oxygen, fuel and heat and preventing fire is by separating those three elements from coming together. “That is to say limiting heat stops the outbreak of fire”.
They further spoke about the stages of fire which was classified into three; the incipient stage, the developing stage and the fully-developed stage. The incipient stage is when the fire is just starting, and in this stage, a fire extinguisher can be used. Hence an extinguisher cannot be used in a developing or fully-developed fire incidence. The various parts of extinguishers were also explained.
It was now time for the main business of the day as the fire service demonstrated how an extinguisher can be used. An acronym was given for easy remembrance;(PASS)  P- pull the pin, A- aim the base, S-squeeze the leaver, S-sweep side by side making sure it covers all the fire. The first step in putting out a fire using an extinguisher is to break the seal, pull the pin, make sure to stand in the opposite direction of the wind and then aim for the base of the fire then sweep from side to side to put it off. The whole lecture was practicalized as a fire was set in a bucket and was put off using the extinguisher by the lecturer. The students were definitely not left out as a couple of students were picked to practicipate what they had learnt.
In an interview with a student, Stephanie Bulus expressed how useful the training is as she said it would help in curtailing fire spread in the hostels. Mr Dashit Micheal who is the Deputy Superintendent the Unit Commander Federal Fire Service, University of Jos division said the reason for  programme was to prepare students for the dry season being that the rate of fire outbreak is usually high.
The SUG president, Dungshuut Biringmiap Peters, said the programme was a huge success as the main aim was actualized and believed that the students resident in  the hostels would be able to maximise the use of the extinguishers although we do not pray for fire outbreak in the hostels.
Report and photo by Mercy Adunkpe
Edited by JM (4/5)

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