The Department of Pharmacy Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the University of Jos marks a week tagged “PHARMALCHEMY” the first in four years.

  The week with the name PHARLCHEMY which means sudden change or transformation was packed with different extracurricular activities.
  The first day which was on Monday 14th October started with a rally around the university main campus to inform the students of the institution that the PAN’s week has started,after which a debate was held.
The second day was the Old school day,dance competition,rap battle and free style.
  The third day which was for cultural attire kicked off with a cooking competition with the winner Mimidoo from the 300 level class .
   After which different cultures in Nigeria had their cultural display and the game of chess was held.
  Speaking to a 300 level student Mercy George about the benefits of this week ,she said “it is to experience extra -curricullum activities, showcasing talents and celebrate talent…no be everytime we go dey read book…”
 Ife a 400 level student when asked how the experience has been said “it has been nice, brought about unity,showed that pharmacy is not all about drugs and are not socially backward but packed with different abilities .
When asked how he felt about the week Issac a 300 level student said it’s fun and exciting as if the week shouldn’t end ,but our lectures are shocked to the bones and looking us with bad eyes that Pharmacy student can do this…Next week will be hell.
The event continues today with movie night and hiking tomorrow Saturday.
Report by Titilayo Akande
Edited by JM (2/5)

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