The issue of improper disposing of refuse is becoming serious and a lot of persons already see it as part and parcel of life. That is, it has become a way of life or lifestyle of individual.
People tend to dispose refuse anywhere thereby making society looks dirty and unkempt. Apart from the dirty look of our society, the World Health Organization had agreed and concluded that the indecent environment and improper dispose of refuse breeds mosquitoes and pollutes the environment thereby adding to the menace of ill health in the world at large. When refuse is not properly kept, unpleasant odours usually is produced.
The students and people of Rusau had made it a habit to dispose their refuse so carelessly which causes different types  of sickness among them.
Gift Joseph , a student of Psychology Department in the University of Jos and a resident in Rusau,¬† in her contribution mentioned that a refuse dump serves as a camouflage for criminal activities; “If robbers rob someone and the police are after them, they could easily drop the package in the dump, the police would never detect that and they would later on come to retrieve what they dropped there.”
The improper way individuals dispose refuse is not to be overemphasized. We all have roles to play so as to build a better society with safer environments.
Report and photo by Beatrice Kushi
Edited by JM (2/5)

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