The Association of Mass Communication Students (AMCOMS) organized a Staff and Students parley which took place on the 27th of September, 2019 at the University of Jos, Faculty of Arts Unity Hall.

The event turned out to be a very engaging and interactive session as the management of the department made some crucial points and raised some matters that affected the students.

Students were also able to table their ideas, views, issues and concerns before the management which were cordially addressed.

The meeting was scheduled for 10:00am and as at 10:25am, both students and staff of the department, including the Head Of Department (H.o.D), Dr. Taye Obateru who was also the convener, had taken their seats.

Luka Toholde, the Staff Adviser was called up to give the Welcome address wherein he welcomed all the students to the meeting promising it was going to be very interactive and informative.

Dr. Taye Obateru, during his speech, talked about the relationship between the lecturers and the students. He encouraged the students to relate with their lecturers like parents to their children. He encouraged students not to just meet their lecturers for academic work alone but also in other areas in which they might need their (lecturers) help and they should not be afraid to approach them in such cases. He commented on the punishment accorded to those involved in exam malpractice during the last exams as he said it is a very serious issue and such people would not be pardoned. He also encouraged students to always monitor their results at all times and not just rely on the fact that they know they don’t have any carry-overs but should ensure they monitor and calculate their results as it comes out and that it will help them know especially in cases where errors are made in calculating their Grade Point (GP).

The Exams Officer, Mr Mabas Akila, expressed his dissatisfaction at the number of students in attendance as he had expected a larger turnout of students considering the fact that  it wasn’t just a regular meeting. He then went on to talk about the new grading system, the 5-point grade average (which was changed from the 4-point grading). He explained how it works and also mentioned the benefits attached to the new system, that there’s a higher chance of getting a higher G.P than with the 4-point grading. He also talked about the newly introduced online registration by the university mentioning that it is a more efficient way of registering courses and also mentioned the deadline set for the registration online. He went on to talk about the over and under-registration of courses by some students and advised students to strictly abide by the number of credits given to them to use. He then mentioned the issue of carry-over’s, that students are fond of neglecting the carry-over’s they get like not attending the lectures even to not sitting for the exams again which should not be. He mentioned the submission of forms and that students should be appropriate when submitting their scripts, especially in an exam with a different level or different department. He also made mention of Add and Drop Forms saying that to drop a course, missing the lectures and not writing the exam won’t work as that will just be recorded as a ‘fail’ and the student would be told to carry-over the course. But to drop a course or add one properly, the add and drop form has to be obtained from the student’s level coordinator.

Contributions came as students were given the floor to ask their questions and express their concerns. The Staff Adviser, the Exams Officer and the Head of Department answered the questions accordingly. All concerns and suggestions were duly addressed and counsel were also given to the students to not just read to pass exams (head knowledge)  but to know it and how to apply that knowledge because it will useful later and also not to just rely on what is taught alone but do some research and learn new things.

The President of the AMCOMS, Mr. Itodo Timothy gave the vote of thanks and appreciated the students for being present to attend the meeting. He also appreciated the staff and management for making out time to sit and discuss with the students.

At 12:27, the meeting finally came to an end with a closing prayer by Ebulue Margaret.

AMCOMsites asking questions

Report and photos by Olujobi Bethel Oluwagbemiga

Edited by JM (3/5)



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