As part of the activities to celebrate the 2019 AMCOMS week, a symposium was organized for the students of the department of mass communication on the 24th of October, 2019 at the faulty of arts hall.
The 1st speaker in person of Mr. Efosa Aimuwu spoke on the topic “Building a Successful Career”. He talked about good conduct, being emotionally intelligent as a process of building a successful career and the need for skills (the ability to perform an activity in an efficient manner).
According to him, career is something you have to start planning now. “You need to be computer literate, and have passion for what you do. When you fall, don’t sit down there but stand up and keep moving because there is no successful person who has never fallen and in general, we should have mentors who can put through our choices of a successful career”.
The 2nd speaker in person of Mr. Samuel Dan-Auta Kyarshik, spoke on the topic “Personal Development; A Key To Self-Actualization and Untapped Potential” said personal development is developing yourself both inside and outside. he added that building a great personality is personal development and when you don’t read at least one book in a month, then it will be very hard for you to make it in life. In his word “Development is adding value to yourself and the society”.
In conclusion he said “in life when you do what is easy, your life will be hard, and when you do what is hard your life will be easy”.
The 3rd speaker in person of Miss Ujin Jossy-Bliss Mallai, spoke on the topic “The Need for a Gender-Sensitive Society, for Adequate Societal Development”. She spoke on the need of  balance in gender equality and according to her gender sensitivity is not only channel to girls and women but also to boys and men,because there are men who have been abused and molested but there are no organizations that fight for them. She said that feminism is selfish because it is one sided. According to her nobody is ever equal to the other because it is our abilities that makes us greater than others. “Women are not weaker vessel but it was a phrase that makes room for men to pamper women but the content has greatly been misused”.
In conclusion she said that before laws, religion, ethnicity we were first humans and it takes both the men and women to make society a better place. “No woman is weak and do not allow the society define who you are”.
After the presentations, there were spoken words by Diva of Words, as refreshments were going through, and a song by Hzeal, all students of the department.
The vote of thanks was said by the students department president Timothy Itodo.
The staff present included the head of the department, Dr. Taye Obateru, Prof. Enahoro, the staff adviser, Mr. Luka Toholde, Mrs Dongvel Aliyu, Mr. Darlington, Mr.John Edeh, and Mr.Raymond Goshit.
Report and photos by Simi Makai
Edited by JM (4/5)

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