AMCOMSITES Charged to Work Hard Towards Personal Development

Students of Mass Communication were urged to develop good conduct while still in school as they look forward to building a successful career and personal development.
Mr. Efosa Aimuwu stated this while speaking in a symposium lecture with students of mass Communication in the Faculty of Arts hall during the AMCOMS week.
Speaking on the topic “Building a Successful Career,” Mr. Aimuwu reiterated the need for students to develop their skills to prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead. He further tasked them more importantly to give attention to computer literacy, building emotional intelligence and a sense of respect to one another.
Speaking on the theme “Personal Development,” Mr. Samuel Dan’ Auta also charged students to add value to themselves, cultivate good reading habits and avoid spending too much time with the phone but be focused, read books and avoid bad company. He emphasized that personal development is key to self realization. Mr. Dan’Auta encouraged students to be versatile in knowledge rather than narrowing knowledge to just a particular discipline in order to stand out among others in the twenty-first century.
Also speaking in the event, Miss. Ujin Jossy Bliss Mallai called on students to consider the need for gender sensitivity in society to promote societal development. According to her, there is more to gender sensitivity than just talking about rights for women or rights for the girl-child. “Rather, gender sensitivity is about having a balance in society”. Bliss Mallai said when every body is treated equal in a society, that society is balanced and can achieve a high level of development.
One of the participants, Jennifer Gideon who is a 300 level student of Mass Communication described the event as inspiring and motivating drawing from all the presentation of the three speakers who spoke in the occasion. “The program was well organized. It’s inspiring and motivating at same time. The messages really changed my mindset about life and society.”
The Head of Department, Dr. Taye Obateru, Staff Adviser, Mr Lula Toholde, and other lectures in the department were also present in the event.
Report and photo by Shedarch Alu
Edited by JM (3/5)

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