Beyond knowledge and fun was the adventure embarked upon by the mass communication students of the University of Jos on Saturday the 26th day of October 2019 to a waterfall in a village called Amazah Avuvoia Waterfall.
To keep the students entertained, was the thick forest, the ambient plateau nature of the hills, the hill climbing, the valley formation on top of the hill and the stress involved was caught up by the beauty of the environment. Spotted aside were some bush animals though unidentified because of the distance.
The leader of the hike and president of the Association of Mass Communication students (AMCOMS), Timothy Itodo expressed joy over the interest of students for the exercise stating that hiking though an extracurricular activity was very beneficial to the students in terms of exposure, physical fitness, and adventure.
 He added that the hike is meant to kick start the AMCOMS Week and foster unity among the students.
Itodo also expressed sadness over the low turnout of the students stressing that if only those who failed to turn out know the benefit of the hike to their health and life they would not have missed out.
Stating some of the challenges encountered, Itodo highlighted getting the approval from the department, sourcing for refreshment for the participants, and deciding on the venue was also stressful to the committee.
At the venue, were members of youth fellowship ECWA Church Dogon Dutse who are already set at Odus junction in their numbers other than the AMCOMsites who were at the moment few in number, had to wait in expectation for others which delayed the process.
Also witnessed was swimming by some students, side plays and light refreshment offered by the AMCOMS officials.
The students who were happy said the trip gave them a long-lasting memory to remember and hope to catch more fun during the AMCOMS week.
Report and photos by Mary Alibidi
Edited by JM (3/5)

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