The Association of Mass Communication Student (AMCOMS), in celebration of their Week, organised a symposium on career development held at the Faculty of Arts hall which took place on Monday the 28th of October, 2019.

 Mr. Efosa Aimuwum the first speaker, spoke on the topic “building a successful career” as he urged students of the mass communication department to take on the motto of the university which is ” awarding excellence in character and learning as a good character is the key factor to building a successful career”.

Hence, he encouraged students to possess a skill set as a skill is the ability to perform an activity in a competent manner. He added that having a good skill set also aids in building a successful career.

He concluded by saying that students should start planning their careers from now as “there is no set time to plan a career outside the school environment”.

Second speaker of the occasion in person of Mr Samuel Dan’ Auta Kyarshik who spoke on the topic “personal development as a key factor to self actualisation and untapped potentials” emphasized on self development and building a personality both inside and outside.

He said personal development is the key to self actualisation and in order to untapped potentials through personal development, one needs focus. He rounded up by saying personal development entails adding value to oneself.

Rounding up the symposium was a lecture on the topic “the need for a gender sensitive for adequate societal development” given by Miss Ujin Jossy who said having a gender sensitive society entails development and living a balanced life in a balanced society.

She further urged students of the department to give meaning to life in order to achieve a balanced society and have a voice in the society “as gender sensitivity entails being human”.

 Earlier and before the symposium, the head of the department of mass communication, Dr. Taye Obateru appreciated the guest speakers for taking time out of their busy schedules to honour the department’s invitation and coming to educate the students in the department.

 Thus, the event preceded with a closing remark by Mr. Luka Toholde, staff adviser of the department, and a vote of thanks by Mr Timothy Itodo, President of the Association of Mass Communication Students (AMCOMS).

Highlighting the event was a musical performance and a spoken words performance by some students of the department.

Report and photos by Hannah Damola Joda
Edited by JM (4/5)

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