┬áThe vice president of National Association of Psychological Students, the University of Jos chapter, (NAPSUJ), Miss Gift Eze, organised a symposium titled “you on campus-your psychological well being” on the 25th October, 2019.
In her opening speech, Miss Gift Eze, welcomed everyone present at the event. She further stated that issues that will be discussed at the event will help students in their academic endeavour and improve the relationship between lecturers and students take the program seriously.
Speaking at the event, the guest speaker, Miss Esther Aderike Akinola stressed the need for mutual relationship between lecturers and students. She further encouraged students to have a sense of respect and trust towards their lecturers as this will go a long way in providing a conducive learning environment.
Speaking on academic excellence, Mr Ojo Oke Kehinde told students to “prayerfully work hard and be academically disciplined in order to attain the best academic success”.
Also speaking, Mr. Dusu Amos spoke on “War against suicide”as he admonished students to join in this fight in order to eradicate the suicidal trend in Nigeria. He also pointed out reasons why people commit suicide to include depression, polar- personality, isolation from friends among others. As a way of minimizing suicidal thoughts and actions, he urged that relevant authorities organize talk shows on mental health.
Still speaking, he encouraged students to have self-esteem and believe in themselves as he said “believe in yourself no matter what and even when you fail, stand up and continue the struggle. Never give up on yourself; have self-esteem and you will overcome.”
The event which took place at Naraguta campus, had in attendance, Mr.Timothy Kazi (staff adviser and clinical psychologist), Mr. Dusu Amos (lecturer at plateau state polytechnic), and students from other departments.

Report and photo by Cynthia Adole
Edited by JM (3/5)

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