Prices of food stuff increase as students complain of starvation

 Prices of food stuff and toiletries increase on a daily basis in the hostel area as students complain of starvation. This was the finding of an investigation by UJONLINE recently.
In an interview with a student who resides in Abuja hostel named Jane Doe, said, “The issue is becoming alarming. The sellers are really extorting us as we could be given 5 pepper for ₦50 and 3 tomatoes for ₦50. We are usually given far more than that whenever we go to Farin Gada market.
   Another student, Abigail Agada said “it’s just like higher demand, higher supply. The sellers increase the price of goods and services because they know that the students have no option than to buy it. The sellers and the school management should solicit among themselves. It is not actually the fault of the sellers because they also pay taxes, rent the shops and have to fend for their families”.
   According to Loveth Silas “the prices of goods are inflating so we have no option than to buy it. When we want to purchase something and we can’t afford it because of the price tag, we have to go outside the school. I am calling on the school management to try and addressed the issue”.
   In an interview with one of the sellers in the hostel, Mama Farida, she said “the border is closed” that’s why the prices has increased. She further called on the government to come into action.
   The students interviewed are calling on the school authorities and government to regulate prices of goods and services in the school environment unless they want them to “die of starvation”.
Report and photo by Fatima Umar
Edited by JM (3/5)

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