The 100 level Theater and Film arts students  gave a terrific and fascinating performance during their drama production which left parents, audiences and lecturers astonished by their wonderful style of acting which involves dancing, singing, colorful costumes, dialogue, gestures and drum beats.

This triggered the audience and lecturers to give the students a standing ovation as they were all impressed by their performance.

          The drama production titled “widows might” was produced by Prof. Frank Idoko. It took place in the prestigious Open Air Theatre on the 29th and 30th of October 2019 by 5:30pm and ended by 7:30pm.
           The OAT was crowded with audiences, parents, students and lecturers that came from far and near to witness the event. Tickets were massively sold out before the show and the turn out was impressive. The stage was well decorated and there was light everywhere to lit up the stage and focus on the characters.
             A lecturer in the department of theatre and film Arts. Reuben Abati during his closing remarks expressed joy and appreciated the audience and parents for coming out to support their children and friends. He also urged the audience to hold on to the lessons they have learnt from the drama production.
Report and photos by Edward Golbe
Edited by JM (3/5)

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