It is another season (second semester ending) where students in various departments and faculties are campaigning for various positions, people that will pilot the affairs of students, the campaigns in the faculty of arts for the various post are in top gear, because the election is close by, in November, there will be an election.
The contestants in the faculty of Arts are about 25 in numbers, and in the department of mass communication are about 16 in numbers. Some slogans used by different aspirants are; “from FASA uprising to FASA last born” also “fidelity to revamp welfarism” for an aspirant in AMCOMS. Aspirants are seen going about campaigning in lecture halls, gatherings soliciting for votes.
Although the aspirants are in high spirits in the campaign process, Some 200 level mass communication students stepped down. The 2 aspirants Margaret Ebulue and Olanrewaju Jokodola who stepped down didn’t give a concrete reason as they said reasons are best known to them. They thanked everyone that supported them in the course of their campaign.
Also asking of some aspirants in the department of Mass Communication their reason for their aspiration, they said ” I want to take AMCOMS to greater heights” says Mercy Agok. And another aspirant Rebecca Echioda who says if she is given the chance, she will manage the welfare of AMCOMS.
Although no specific date has been set, everyone is waiting to know who would be declared winners after the election which is scheduled for November 2019 before examinations commence. Asking the AMCOMS PRO Jwan Panshak reasons why the election date has not been fixed. He said the stakeholders in the department are still seeking ways to make the election better, further said ones the date is fixed, it would be communicated to everyone so that they can exercise their right and choice a leader of their choice.

Report and photo by Theophilus Gabriel 
Edited by JM (3/5) 

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