AMCOMS Wins Dean’s Cup in all Competition on FASA Week

The department of mass communication on Friday, November 8, 2019 became winner in the dean’s cup competition in all games, having beaten the department of Religion and Philosophy in a volleyball competition, the department of Music in a female football and Religion and Philosophy again in the men’s football competition that started on Monday November 4, 2019.
After beating the department of Archeology 3-2 to qualify for the final on Thursday, the mass communication forward, Philip Jang scored in a wonderful finish three minutes after the kick-off to seal a win for his side in the final.
Also, in the volleyball final, mass communication beat the department of Religion and Philosophy again to win the competition and against the department of Music in the female football competition who did not show up for the final thereby mass communication female team won automatically.
In his reaction to the outcome of the dean’s cup, the president, Association of Mass Communication Students, Mr. Timothy Itodo described the victory in all categories as a really amazing and wonderful experience and situation. The AMCOMS president hailed the director of sports of the department in person of Maju Danga Mapis for good coordination and the efforts he has put into the competition in ensuring that their team respect the rules guiding the competition and also ensuring that the team conduct themselves well throughout the tournament.
Supporters of both sides and many more other spectators were there to watch all games.
Among other events that took place during the FASA week were cultural day, rag day and hiking to make the week more engaging and interesting in which many students participated actively.
Report and photo by Karen Veren
Edited by JM (4/5)

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