As the saying goes “unity is strength” and this was exemplified when the Federation of Igbo Students Association (FISA) Jos Chapter helds her congress on the 8th of November 2019 at the faculty of law, at the Naraguta Campus.

The congress which began by 4:00pm was graced by the presence of the High Chief of the Association, in the person of John Chibuzor Obiekwe, his Lolo; Njemanze Chidera and his Onowu; Francis Okoro, among others.

After the opening prayer, the president of the association, a 400 level student of law, read out “The Journey So Far”. This is the achievements of the association since they were elected into power. Their achievements included: Renewal of the association at the students affair level, conducting a successful welcome special which involved the face of FISA and the launching of FISA jotter. He also declared that they are also planning towards a FISA cultural day.

Next was the formal declaration of aspirants, and this session brought about so many debates, since some of the aspirants were not present as at 5:00 pm. Some students suggested that this session should be skipped and taken to the last agenda while waiting for others to come, while others stated that they should proceed with it and for the aspirants who are not available, they would not be attended to. But with the intervention of the High Chief, the agenda was moved to the last item on the programme.

Moving on to the programme was the nomination of Members of the Electoral Committee (ELCOM). This session almost brought the meeting to an end because both 100 and 200 level students were against the part of the constitution that stated that only 300 level and above are allowed to be members of the ELCOM.

A 100 level student of integrated science education said that 100 and 200 levels pay the highest amount of dues in the association but they are not given an opportunity to be part of the ELCOM. So many students supported this. The students further asked the president to allow them vote and the majority took the vote. This was overruled by the High Chief as he said it is in the constitution and it cannot be voted for.

When it looked like everything was over, five people were nominated; four from 300 level and one from 400 level. And as the constitution demanded, two people members of the cabinet were to be among, only the High Chief and his Onowo were present this implied that they would be members of ELCOM. The students began to argue that the Onowu is a 200 level student, they disagreed and so many walked out of the meeting.

Finally aspirants were given the floor to make their intentions known to the students. The congress ended with a closing prayer.

In an interview conducted with the president of the association, he said it is impossible to have different students having different orientations and perspectives and not have elements of misunderstanding but it was good they were able to resolve the whole issue.

Report and photos by Oluchi Anyalewechi Bridg
Edited by JM (4/5)

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