The National Association of English and Literary Studies (NASELS) university of Jos chapter on Thursday 14 September held a symposium for students at Naraguta campus faculty of arts main hall, the event was aimed to enlightened the students to focus their writing ability base on the trends in the society in order to bring positive results.
  The first speaker, Professor Jeff Godwin Doki acknowledged the ability of every individual in writing specifically poetry, as he expatiated on the topic ‘new trends in Nigerian poetry’.  “Poetry is not just to entertain like other work of art, but to point out a problem in society and possible solutions,” said Professor Jeff Doki. He added that the Nigerian poets focus on three societal problems, which are the economic exploitation, political corruption and the silence of the female voice which the students should take note in order to help them developed their poetic skills based on the existing trends.
The event as described by NASELS members is one of the best inspirational moments they ever had in the department,  “after listening to the lecturers I feel more confident in my ability to advocate for something through writing poems” says Godfirst Panjul, a two hundred level student of English department.
   Speaking on similar topic, Dr. Gloria Fwangyil sensitized the students on ‘gender-based violence’ such as sexual abuse and socio-political discrimination which are mostly gender base ,she urged the students to realized that it is their responsibility to stand against such act through writing as literature and English students, she also advised the female students to stop being dependents on men in order to level up the difference.
   Addressing the students, Mr. Andrew Onoja hinted on the challenges students do face  during exams, which is depression, he defined depression as an emotional state that arose the feelings of hopelessness and anxiety, he makes it clear that he has not spoken as a psychologist or therapist but as an individual that once went through depression , he further advice the students to developed a depression resilience method whenever they encounter stress and hopelessness, however, he recommended students in such condition to seek the attention of a therapist to address the issue, Mr. Andrew Onoja finally urged the students to believe in  their self as a figure that has the ability to change any situation.
Report and photos by Dabilong Bitrus Iko
Edited by JM (3/5)

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