The department of psychology on the 16th of November 2019 organized a campaign for the awareness of psychological disorder on campus called “Project MASA”.
       The Project MASA took place at the Zion hostel basketball court coupled with games that were played in tribute to the programme ranging from scrabbles, bicycle riding and basketball match which started at 10 am.
         In an interview with Mr Timothy Kazi the 400 level coordinator disclosed that “the Project MAZA was founded by Esther Akinola a 400 level student of psychology aimed to inform and educate the students on issues that relates to their health and how they can cope with psychological issues as relating to mental disorder. He further mentioned that the Project MASA educates students on the effect and dangers of drugs abuse and how it destroys people’s lives which result to the death of such person’s, and also stated necessary measures that can be followed to avoid drug abuse.
         In another interview with Joseph Olagbaju a 400 level student from the department of psychology expressed his joy and enthusiasm on the development of the Project MASA campaign. “I am so overwhelmed on this initiative and I am proud to be a participant of such campaign, as this project is the first of its kind to educate students and the University society at large on issues regarding mental health and how delicate it is”. He added that some students damage their mental health by taking all manner of drugs all in the name of fun at the detriment of their health and future, so this campaign was initiated on their note to enlighten its students on dangers of this drug abuse.
Report and photos by Janet Oguntuga
Edited by JM (4/5) 

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