The 16th of this month would’ve been a normal day for the University of Jos community save for Bamidele Ayoola also known as Dele, a 400L student from the department of physics and his team who organized “levitation 2K19” at the Open-air theater. The concert which was hosted by Joey emitted creativity, culture and talent from the rap battle to the dance, music, poetry and speed painting. With easy to relate lyrics, known music and notable instrumentation, every artist made sure that the money paid was equitable to each performance. Every performing act connected the audience to the vibe, music, sound and creativity of the concert.
The Levitation concert is one unique concert that distinguished itself from the usual concerts. The energy was present, the ambiance and reception was grand and with every performance making a positive impact basically added the icing to the cake.
During the interview with the organizer, Dele emphasized that the aim of the concert was not just to get people together to perform and entertain the audience but to bring to the ears of the lovers of good music the consciousness of each sound, vibe and rhythm.
He called the concert a resurrection of the old and forgotten. He said that, Levitation would not have been complete without the input of the deliveries of the last four (Elixir, Flair Amali, NoStainz and Deuce) at the finale of the rap battle, the performances of vocal and lyrical powerhouses such as Dashyah, Yukelle, Annie, Mactee, Chebene, Nazywrite, Kaybee, Giovanni, Swaggy, Malvina; an excellent interpretation and instrumentation by Faith Faseran; poetry at its original form by Lardo, Younglan, NorthPriest, G King; art defined by the Wizard of new school speed painting, Supreme and the energy of both solo and duo dancers, JeffKriss and Rocky Rabids.
Dele expressed his appreciation to everybody who a partook in the Levitation 2k19 concert, from the team members, to the audience and to those who were actively involved in volunteering their social media space for hyping the event. He said that bringing the concert to life was more of a collective effort of an individualistic framework. He also commended the artists for bringing top-notch performances which captivated the hearts of the people.

Report and photo by Osas Enahoro
Edited by JM (4/5)


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